It is important to know some tips and tricks regarding how to choose the right contractor of the many air conditioning and HVAC services available on the market because not all companies are the same. It takes a thorough research to notice the difference between the mediocre companies and even the scammers and the companies that offer a reliable, professionally delivered service of air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance. After all, no professionals or contractors in a certain field or industry are all the same and the same applies for the HVAC industry too. This is why you will naturally want to go for the most reliable contractor out there in your area. The problem with the majority of the companies with a bad reputation is that they are not operated by real, licensed, and professional contractors but rather by a couple of handymen with a truck and a sticker. So let’s have a more in-depth look at how to choose the right HVAC company. Today we are going to provide you with 7 very useful tips to assist you in narrowing down your choice.

Don’t settle down with an estimate over the phone

Neither two air conditioners nor two projects are ever the same so make sure that you are wary of air conditioning contractors that offer you an estimate or a bid over the phone without being familiar with all the specific details and requirements related to the project. There are so many factors that should be taken into account and all these cannot be neither seen nor cleared out completely over the phone.

Meet the Contractor Face-to-Face

A reliable contractor will be willing to come and inspect on-site by taking into account important aspects such as how is your ducting, are there the proper amount of registers per room, what is the type of insulation you have, what is the type of windows, etc. All these factors and so much more are very important for determining the most suitable air conditioning system for your home or for the place you want to have it installed. So whenever someone is willing to give you an estimate over the phone only, you better think twice and reconsider your decision to hire them, because they are either inexperienced or they just want to save some time and gas required for visiting.

Be aware of air conditioning contractors who replace your old air conditioner with the same type of unit as before. On average, an air conditioner will last approximately 10 to 15 years, so do you think that a brand model from 1990 will be still the same as the same brand and model but from 2005? A reliable air conditioning contractor will be able to give you honest and up-to-date recommendations and opinion on what is the best option for your project. The newer air conditioner models are definitely known to be more efficient and decrease the use of energy by also being more eco-friendly and your air conditioning professional should be aware of how to increase the efficiency and customize the unit to your home.

Is The Contractor Experienced?

Experience is not everything. Unfortunately, since this would be very good criteria to consider when looking for the best air conditioning contractor. Naturally, you will look for someone with a good experience and knowledge of what they are doing but this is not the only factor that should dictate your decision. Also, be wary of contractors who are proudly saying that they are in the industry for twenty decades and longer. Keep in mind that HVAC is an ever-changing industry and what used to be the best option 20, 10, and even 5 years ago does not mean that is still the best option to this date. If the contractor has experience only with working with units and systems that used to be popular two decades ago and they are not very experienced with newer technologies, then despite the extensive experience they are still not what you are looking for.

Check for Licensing & Insurance

The HVAC contractor you choose should be licensed. Of course, you are looking for someone with the required licenses and certificates to do the job. Yet again, this is not the only criteria that prove a contractor is reliable or professional enough but this is definitely a good fundamental to look for. Unfortunately, there are also some air conditioning contractors that claim to be licensed by they are not so make sure that you always ask them to show their license and also make sure that the license is the right one required by the local regulations.

Ask For Written Estimate

Always ask for a written estimation, that is a must. The written estimation is like some sort of a contract you can put trust into and have the peace of mind. A “verbal contract” is when the bid or estimate is not in a written form and this is definitely not a reliable form of agreement between you and the HVAC contractor/company. Every reputable contractor will be able and willing to provide you with a written bid that includes a list of everything that will be done and the price too.

Reviews and Testimonials

You can look for reviews and testimonials online. Of course, you can ask your family and friends if they can recommend someone they have a positive experience with. However, if they are not able to give you referrals, make sure to look online. Google makes it very difficult to write fake reviews and this is super good for you as Google is a quite reliable source and will help you to narrow down your choice. So make sure to take your time to research the local air conditioning contractors on Google and see ow they match up.

Be Careful When Choosing

The lowest bid may cost you more in a long run so be careful with all those low prices and discounts you may be offered. It is really sad to have your air conditioner just installed and stumble upon some serious problems of it not working right after. Botched installations from “bargain contractors” are, unfortunately, not a rare thing out there and no matter how tempting it may sound to get a discount unit or service at first, the poorly delivered service may cost you a lot of money for repairs in future.