Arctic Air Conditioning

Keith completed his apprenticeship with industrial specialists J & E Hall where he worked on all applications, sizes and ranges of bespoke purpose built Refrigeration and Air conditioning equipment with extensive experience in large scale industrial Cold storage, Marine refrigeration, refurbishment, repair and maintenance of industrial screw compressors and Ammonia system specialist. In Air conditioning from light commercial applications through to main plant full building applications, chilled water and water sourced heat pumps.

With this knowledge and experience Arctic which began life as sole trader has gone from strength to strength the company changed to a limited company in 2004 and continues to expand today. Arctic’s team have grown into a professional and friendly outfit able to cover all aspects of Refrigeration and Air conditioning. We offer our customers a quick reliable service without compromising on quality.

With the change in climate so comes a change in cooling and heating requirements. Hot and humid summers followed by ice cold winters can make some of our best-equipped homes difficult to live in. Arctic, design, install, maintain and service air conditioners for the domestic market. Arctic install high efficiency inverter driven systems giving maximum performance for a small power input. This ensures good consistent room temperatures and eliminates stop/start cycles.