B L Refrigeration

BL Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, formed in 1977 with a small workforce and a mostly service and maintenance workload, has grown to become a leading design contractor in the Province.

In the past thirty years BL have been involved in many innovative applications of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. BL have seen air conditioning grow from a niche specialist market to the position today where air conditioning is almost a utility, especially in modern offices, hotels and retail outlets. The emergence and growth of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems has had a huge impact on the use of air conditioning systems for heating and cooling buildings.

BL have worked with many of the major manufacturers of these systems over the years giving our application, installations and service engineer's wide experience with these products. BL have formed a relationship with Toshiba who have a huge and innovative product range which allows us to offer efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions to almost any air conditioning problem.

Many of our National Clients have "preferred supplier" relationships with manufacturers and to provide the services they require our team is able to support: Toshiba, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Sanyo. Our engineers have been trained on all these manufacturers equipment are also well versed in the operation of "applied products" such as process chillers, dehumidifiers, close control equipment and Data Centre cooling.