Compare The Heat

At we pride ourselves in providing quality products with excellent customer service. Unlike many of our competitors we will never compromise quality to achieve a price point. It is our aim to supply and install superior quality products whilst at the same time offering our customers a competitive edge with advantageous pricing.

At we fully understand that without a good reputation and a totally satisfied customer base, any company will struggle. As a result, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, reliable and professional service to all our customers at all times.

Electric heating is very easy to install, ensuring installation costs are kept to a minimum. For new build properties this means it can go in at the second fix wiring stage. For refurbishments and replacements, it means minimal disruption for the household/business. What’s more, because the heaters can work as stand-alone units or as a system, it is easy and cheap to add heaters to a system at anytime as budgets permit.

Professional fitters are available to ensure that your equipment is installed correctly in a suitable location at your premises. This also ensures that your warranty entitlements are satisfied unlike some other DIY installation products offered by our competitors.