Coolserv Air Conditioning

Office air Conditioning creates a much more comfortable atmosphere, by cooling or heating the air, all year round. With greater densities of staffing and the use of modern technology, your office may get too hot. This can lead to staff dissatisfaction, fatigue and reduction in productivity levels. CoolServs modern Office Air Conditioning units can give you the ability to control your working environment and to offer the optimum working temperature throughout the year, whatever the prevailing weather conditions.

Is your ICT suite to hot ?.... Are your pupils and staff struggling to concentrate ? With 30 pupils and 30 computers giving out the same heat as a 7kw fire it is hardly surprising that you may be overheating. Coolserv offer a free air conditioning survey so you know exactly what the potential costs may be.

Fortunately CoolServ have extensive experience of installing air conditioning to ICT suites, classrooms, gymnasiums and other "Hot Spots" throughout schools and other educational establishments. We can design a system that will create a comfortable, temperature controlled, fresh air environment, enabling your pupils and staff to concentrate fully at all times to maximise classroom results.