CoolZone Solutions

CoolZone Solutions Ltd covers the Midlands, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire areas and offers a professional, reliable breakdown and repair service to all sectors using refrigeration, air conditioning & ventilation. We carry out professional installations and air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation maintenance work throughout mainland UK.

Working with leading brand names in climate control, CoolZone Solutions installs state-of- the-art Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Refrigeration and Ventilation equipment. Installing a CoolZone Solutions air conditioning, Heat Pump system will save you money by using the latest energy efficient technology which will keep your premises comfortable, hygienic and productive.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment need regular maintenance to be energy efficient and cost effective, however poor service is also increasing the risk of "LEGIONNAIRES' DISEASE" With this in mind we offer a range of solutions to help our clients maintain their equipment, from "one off" maintenance and repair options to planned maintenance contracts.