DL Air-Con Services Ltd

I have been working in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry for 35 years. Whilst working as a senior engineer for various other companies, I have worked in a variety of sectors using a vast array of equipment. Some notable work I have been apart of over my time as an engineer has been, working at H.J Heinz, Wigan running the installation of new Cold Rooms and Test Facilities.

I have also worked on installing several CO2 plants for Carrier UK as well as installing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for several Co-Op stores across the UK. I have also spent many years maintaining multiple different systems across sectors such as; Hospitality, Retail, Hospitals, and Leisure. These years of experience have been invaluable to the creation and running of DL Air-Con Services, with the help of our great team we aim to make any of your projects a success.