Dragon Air Conditioning

What we do to guarantee our industry leading service. We have a consultative approach with all our clients. Our 20+ year’s industry experience guarantees that we can provide each of our clients the very best advice available in the market place today. You can also be assured that our knowledge base is kept up to date with all the latest technology available in the market today as all our employees are trained both internally and externally, guaranteeing our clients the very best and most efficient solution available.

Each project has its own dedicated project manager to ensure every project runs to time and budget. The project manager will work closely with the other departments on site to ensure that the project is run at its most efficient.

We pride ourselves on having the very best engineers in the industry that are trained to the highest aspect in every discipline that we cover. Our engineers are also highly experienced in managing our projects and are trained to communicate effectively with the project manager on a daily basis to ensure the project is run in the best more efficient way.