Modern work and home environments contain lots of heat generating devices such as lights, computers and electronic equipment. Windows allow heat to penetrate from outside and further warm up the climate inside. Whilst not necessarily a problem in Winter, in the middle of summer opening a window is not ideal as you are likely to just let in more humid, hot air, noise and fumes. Not conducive to either a productive working environment or comfortable home!

Fans may help a little but they won’t reduce the humidity, ventilate or lower the temperature. Air conditioning will and modern equipment can deliver environmentally friendly solutions. Energy efficient design developments and the introduction of new refrigerants have produced systems that are better for the environment and comply with all current and planned legislative demands.

A wide range of air conditioning techniques are available utilising both split air conditioning units, packaged plant and chilled water systems. Our design and engineering skills and experience mean we can source, install and maintain the right solution for your organisation. So, whether you need a single unit or a grouped installation you can rely on us to deliver to budget and on time.