Hymas Refrigeration

At Hymas Refrigeration & Catering Ltd we take pride in the level of service that we extend to you. No matter how large or complicated your needs, we will be happy to take on the task. We will carry out all aspects of your refrigeration installation, from initial survey to final completion.

We offer our refrigeration installation services to many different businesses in the area, including restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels. No matter what kind of cooling you might need, we will be able to install a refrigeration system that will offer just what you're after.

Modern air conditioning offers a precise and cost-effective way for you to keep yourself and your staff cool in summer months. Able to offer greater productivity through comfort air conditioning and climate control are fast becoming standard for businesses around the world.

Commercial air conditioning serves an important purpose in modern business. As well as keeping staff, clients and customers comfortable, it is vital for keeping business computer systems running smoothly. At high temperatures computers become sluggish and response times increase. With effective air conditioning you can ensure peak efficiency at all times and in all weathers.