KSR Installations

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme was introduced by the UK government to encourage invetsment in energy efficient products by businesses. The core of the scheme is to allow businesses to claim the full tax allowance for energy efficient equipment in the first year after purchase rather than by spreading the allowance over several years. The may also include the cost of installation.

Any business that pays either Income Tax or Corporation Tax can claim the enhanced tax allowances against the products on the Energy Technology List. The enhanced allowances apply to outright purchase and lease purchase by the end user of the products. The allowances can be claimed against the cost of the product and costs directly associated with provisioning the product.

KSR provides commercial air conditioning systems for all applications. In particular we recommend the Mitsubishi VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) City Multi Systems. The City Multis give a significantly increased efficiency in terms off EER / COP ratings. The City Multi range is also a flexible solution (incorporating up to 50 units) applicable when both heating and cooling is required to provide a consistent temperature in a commercial environment.