Madson Air Conditioning

Our professional approach to the provision of air conditioning and ventilation solutions in the workplace means that our clients can relax in the knowledge that we always have their best intentions at the forefront of our actions.

It is a common miss-preconception that air conditioning revolves entirely around the provision of cooling. Modern day air conditioning systems are capable of providing the most energy efficient method of heating to buildings during the winter, as well as cooling in the summer. These systems are called “Heat-pumps”.

This is a fact recognized and backed by the government. Since the introduction of the climate change levy, where businesses are taxed on the amount of energy they use, a scheme has been introduced to reward businesses that invest in energy efficient technology.

An “Enhanced Capital Allowance” of 100% in the first year applies to all UK tax paying companies that utilize heat-pump units as a way of reducing energy usage, which lowers carbon emissions, helps save the environment and improves your business cash flow.