Murray Martin Services

Ensure you're benefitting from a SEPA registered service who give you quality air conditioning installations and maintenance. You can also get qualified refrigeration engineers to install specialist chiller equipment and help you with fridge and freezer repairs. Get your cooling solution!

Get a UPS system today that will ensure your business always has power. You'll get a UPS system with expert cooling solutions. A quality critical power solution is key to making sure when the time comes your business doesn't lose out. Get in touch today and you can choose the solution you need.

You'll want to be environmentally responsible. Murray Martin Services Ltd help you with a battery and electrical disposal service. Being an approved battery and electrical disposal company means you can be assured that all your batteries and electricals will be disposed of safely.

When you need to keep produce such as fruit and veg fresh for a few days, you need a refrigerated cold room to do the job. You can get chillers, cold rooms and large refrigeration equipment from Murray Martin Services Ltd to help. You'll be keeping your products fresh and clean when you get high quality refrigeration equipment installed!