Total Air Systems

Research has shown that staff perform more efficiently in a comfortable environment and temperature control is a key issue when it comes to comfort. We offer specialist air conditioning services for a wide range of commercial concerns including shops, offices, workshops, displays, cafes and restaurants.

With the impact of global climate change, many people are considering air conditioning for the home, especially now that new technology and modern environmentally safe refridgerants have led to smaller, more compact quieter systems designed especially for the home.

In actual fact, a reverse cycle heat pump providing both heating and cooling, provides kilowatt for kilowatt, the most cost effective heating available. The cost of air conditioning has also dropped considerably in the last ten years, making it an attractive addition to your home, as well as a worthwhile investment.

Total Air Systems Ltd offer a range of portable air conditioning units for hire. These industrial-strength units are designed for reliable operation in either a domestic or commercial environment and are of substantially higher quality than the bargain-basement coolers on offer at the local DIY store.