Force One Air Conditioning

ForceOne will set about designing solutions for your climate control needs. We will provide you with a system that is right for you at a fair and competitive price. Force One Will offer you a quality service, providing that personal touch along with professionalism.

ForceOne will provide you our customer with the following services if necessary, groundwork/ trenching/ concrete bases/ electrics. Our engineers will ensure that the property is cleared of all waste from the work carried out. New units are cleaned, clearing any marks or dust that may occur during the installation. Existing units are also cleaned.

ForceOne uses the best and most recognisable names in the manufacturing industry. By using these leading manufacturers, ForceOne is keeping up with the latest technology and developments. Our job is to help YOU the customer reduce running costs and improve service standards. In doing so the value of your property/assets are protected, not just today but for tomorrow.

Unlike some companies who send their engineers in to service Air Conditioning systems and ONLY brush the filters out, ForceOne take the time to attend the unit and give it some (much overdue) tender loving care. This will involve carefully removing the filters and panels, brushing them out AND washing them, checking the heat exchanger coils are not blocked with dirt or dust and clearing as may be necessary.