Recommended Air Conditioning Companies

McCulloughs Ltd
Established in 2005 McCulloughs Ltd specialise in air conditioning installation and servicing, including the design, install and aftercare/maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Maximum Climate Control
Maximum specialise in the design, installation, service & maintenance of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems across London and South Coast of England.
Genev-Air (Eco Heating & Cooling)
Considering Eco Heating and Cooling solutions for the home or business? Reasons to choose air to air heat pumps:- Heating and cooling in any room efficiently and effectively reduces renewable energy
Cathedral Air Conditioning
Cathedral air conditioning specialises in the design, management and execution of air conditioning installation. Over 10 years of industry experience with F-gas registered engineered fully certified
Higher End Constuction
Higher End Construction of Preston provides air conditioning services, including installation, servicing and maintenance and repairs to businesses and households in the Preston and surrounding area.
AACS Limited
Based in Sunderland in the North East of England for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on being a highly respected air conditioning contractor. ​ ​AACS Limited specialises in the design, supply,
Eco Cooling & Heating Ltd
Our name says it all. We’re committed to quality in everything we do. The quality of our work lies in our craftsmanship and experience. Our technicians are specialists who take pride in the work
Staffordshire Air Conditioning Services Ltd
Heat pump Air conditioning for the home and office. From full supply, installation and commissioning to service, maintenance, repairs and alterations. 20+ years experience in the trade, fully insured,
The Underfloor Heating Company London – Repair, Servicing Engineers
We are certified heat & gas engineers having expertise in providing repair, maintenance & installation of underfloor heating systems in & around London. For enquiries & emergency call outs dial (020)
My Green Air Conditioning and Ventilation Ltd
Here at My Green AirCon, we aim to install the most energy-efficient and therefore most environmentally friendly air conditioning systems with cost-effective units that keep you cool in summer and
Enviro Chill
Air conditioning and refrigeration service. We offer top-quality air conditioning and refrigeration units, able to compete in today's cut-throat climate.
Bluebird Refrigeration
Bluebird currently provides refrigeration and air conditioning service and maintenance throughout the north of England and Wales into Midlands area. Our engineers are strategically located throughout
Airsource Climate Ltd
We work with you to find HVAC solutions that fit your climate needs. We will provide you with a full consultation to explain all of your available options so that you can choose the correct air
ENvirocool HVAC Services Ltd
Envirocool HVAC is an indoor environmental control solutions company based in Bolton, Greater Manchester. The Envirocool team are specialists in air conditioning and refrigeration services, heat
WPJ Heating
WPJ Heating is one of the most renowned heating company in London that offers all the plumbing services along with boiler installation, heating services, water pressure and more across London, Putney,

Having an HVAC system installed at home and used on an everyday basis means you will need the help and assistance of your air conditioning company and installation provider, or any air conditioning company, at some point. No matter if it comes to installation, repair, or maintenance, working with a reliable and highly professional air conditioning company is important so you can enjoy a cost-effective and smooth-running HVAC system for many years. Even if your HVAC system is new and not in need of repair or replacement, an annual maintenance check is important. This is when you need the help of a reliable and reputable air conditioning company, in order to have the peace of mind that your HVAC system is running right and there are no additional issues that should be taken care of. No matter if your HVAC system is newer or older, either way, you will need to hire a consultant from an air conditioning company at some point. However, finding a truly professional and really reliable air conditioning company is sometimes a challenge. In today’s article, we provide you with some food for thought about what are five of the main aspects and areas you should consider when looking for the right air conditioning company for your needs and requirements.

Air Conditioning Company: Licensing and Experience

One of the main factors that will determine your choice of an air conditioning company is the experience the company’s team of experts have. The more experience an air conditioning company has and the more years it has been in the industry, the better. Of course, it is also important to pay attention to the fact that the air conditioning company should have experience at your very specific project, be it installation, maintenance, or repair, not just experience in general. Since your HVAC equipment is among the biggest investments in your home, your definitely want full assurance that you are getting the best value of service for your money, therefore you need a truly experienced and properly licensed air conditioning company and each member of this air conditioning company with the proper training and knowledge to take care of your project.

Therefore, when you are looking for the best air conditioning company, you should definitely pay attention to experience, licensing, also at least a minimal level of insurance that will protect you and the air conditioning company in case of an injury or accidental damage. Experience of the air conditioning company is very important not simply because it shows the longevity of time the air conditioning company is established on the market, but mainly because it shows the stability of the air conditioning company that indicates this air conditioning company contractor is doing things right. When searching for a good air conditioning company, do not hesitate to ask the prospective contractor about the certifications they have, what methods they use, what training the employees are getting, etc.

Air Conditioning Company: Home Evaluation

When looking for an air conditioning company, make sure to go for the contractor that provides you with a free home evaluation. This initial step is very important because it gives you the chance to have your home and HVAC system professionally inspected and the air conditioning company will be able to provide you with the best solutions for heating and cooling of your home, depending on its specifics. Furthermore, an air conditioning contractor should inspect the duct system for leaks, loose segments, insulation, keep in mind the number of windows in your home, know what the square footage of your home is, what type of insulation, etc.

Next, all the data collected during this initial home evaluation will give the air conditioning company important insight of what the best heating and cooling system are for your home and what they can recommend as the best solution. Next, the air conditioning company should provide you with a written estimate and this will give you the chance to compare costs, warranties, and energy efficiency among all proposals you get from different air conditioning company contractors. However, make sure that when you are choosing an air conditioning company, going for the lowest priced offer is not necessarily the best approach. At the end of the day, you are getting what you are paying for.

Air Conditioning Company: References and Referrals

Of course, one of the most effective ways to find a reliable and reputable air conditioning company is by checking different references and referrals. Word-of-mouth is a very effective approach in such cases, therefore we recommend you speak to your family, friends, and colleagues. Perhaps some of them will be able to provide you with recommendations on an air conditioning company they have recently worked with and they are happy with the job done. When getting recommendations for an air conditioning company, do not miss to ask if all jobs have been done on time and within the budget, as these two factors are also very important for determining whether you want to hire a particular air conditioning company or not.

Air Conditioning Company: Special Offers and Deals

Since an HVAC system is a pretty serious expense and investment for your home, you are also recommended to take your time and shop around for some special offers and deals. Often, special deals in the industry are seasonal, so if you are not in a rush of finding an air conditioning company quickly, you can wait for a while to get these good deals from an air conditioning company.

Air Conditioning Company: Efficiency

When it comes to an HVAC system, efficiency is very important and one of the main factors that will determine your choice. Therefore, make sure to consult with your air conditioning company and share that you are looking for the most efficient equipment that meets your budget. A reliable and experienced air conditioning company will be able to provide you with recommendations on what to choose and tips for how to get the most for your money. Choose a reliable and professional air conditioning company and you will be able to benefit from a lot.

Air conditioning company: Licensing and experience
Air conditioning company: Home evaluation
Air conditioning company: References and referrals
Air conditioning company: Special offers and deals
Air conditioning company: Efficiency
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